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What is Multi-Rater Feedback?

In human resources and organisational psychology, the use of multi-rater feedback (360 degree feedback) is a process designed to get feedback from many different sources on colleagues’ behaviour and performance. Typically the feedback will come from the person’s manager, their direct reports and their peers.

Multi-Rater feedback aims to get input from sources that surround the individual (hence 360 degree) and this differentiates it from one-way feedback, for example direct from the manager to the individual.

This type of feedback can also include input from external sources such as customers and suppliers. 

What can you use multi-rater feedback data for?

Before and after a leadership development programme to evaluate impact

Use it as part of Investors in People to demonstrate evaluation criteria

As a way of demonstrating  and recording continuous improvement

Help to identify areas for development in teams or individuals

Identifying the key behaviours of your top performers

Set goals for future development with the aim of improving the scores next time round

We do feedback differently

With so many choices of online feedback providers, why would you choose ORMultiView over any of the others?

Our approach is developmental not an appraisal.

We are here for you.
We will guide you through the setup of your company profile.

Talk to us
We will have a conversation with you to work out what type of feedback is the best format for your needs.
We will make sure the questions are appropriate for your requirements and that the scoring method accurately reflects the evaluation range.

Tell us about your company
We can create rater groups that align with your organisational structure and allow you to set minimum reviewer numbers and confidentiality options per group.
You have complete control over who you choose to participate in each process. You tell us who to launch the process with, when you need the reports for, how you want them delivered and we will do the rest.
Our project administrators will work with you to ensure your participants and reviewers complete their feedback on time and will chase anyone who needs a nudge.
You can view the status of your processes in real time using an HR login.

If you want to dip a toe...
Should you decide you're not ready for the bespoke options, then you are able to choose an "Off the Shelf" option and start using it straight away. We are still at the other end of the phone or email us if you encounter any issues.

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