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'Off the Shelf' Solutions

Creating a bespoke feedback system may not suit everyone's budget, therefore we have created an ORMultiview 'Off the Shelf' solutions that can be used ad hoc with no adjustment required.

Our most popular 'off the shelf' product is the CDI 360.

Used to evaluate opinions on effective leadership, we’ve grouped appropriate behaviours together into three themes:

Collaboration, Delivery and Impact.

Each theme is then sub-divided into competencies to reflect the breadth of the theme.

We’ve used over twenty years experience of 360 degree feedback to compile an extensive database of leadership development behaviours.

The CDI 360 is based on core leadership behaviours that have remained central over this period,
together with behaviours that reflect more recent developments in leadership (e.g. ethics, cross-boundary collaboration, diversity).


This theme is all about your ability to get things done in collaboration with others.

How effective are you at building relationships with internal or external customers?

How successful are you at communicating and keeping people informed?

To what extent are you seen to be receptive to ideas and people from outside your own immediate area?


This theme is all about your ability to deliver.

To what extent are you seen as someone who delivers on their commitments?

How effective is your decision making seen to be?

Are you seen as someone who is able to translate ideas into real change in the business?


Impact is about the way you do things rather than what you do.

During times of change, does your leadership style encourage people to follow you?

Are you seen to create a climate in which people feel valued?

Does your style encourage people to grow and develop?

Impact is sub-divided into presence, ethics and growth.

Example Reports
Of course we can’t share our clients’ bespoke reports, so here are some ‘off-the-shelf’ samples…

360º Report

180º Report

TDI Report

Meeting Tracker

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