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We offer a variety of services to our clients including


Bespoke Feedback Systems

For many of our clients, we produce bespoke feedback systems that are designed, built and branded to specification.

We have the capability to integrate the process seamlessly into your day to day systems.


'Off the Shelf' Solutions

Using our vast knowledge of multi rater feedback we have compiled solutions that can be used 'Off The Shelf' for quick and simple feedback.


Best Practice Guidelines

Although we offer bespoke products to fit our clients’ needs, we like a consistent approach to all of our multi-rater feedback processes.

Ideally the feedback will be followed up with coaching, including development plans.

We have successful feedback programmes running from the grass roots of organisations through to the very top.
We operate in more than twenty countries around the world with organisations from commercial conglomerates to not-for profit. We’ve introduced 360 degree feedback into places that have never used it before and been seen to have made a significant difference.
Our innovative software enables us to translate the process into many different languages, and we fine tune the approach to ensure it is absolutely appropriate to the needs and aspirations of those wherever we work.
Many of our bespoke feedback processes allow the participant to add personalised questions to their feedback form, for a more individual report.
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