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Bespoke Feedback Systems

So what can we offer?
For many of our clients, we produce bespoke, GDPR Compliant, multi-rater feedback tools that are designed, built and branded to specification.
These added features include:
Innovative Reports

We  offer numerous graph and chart designs to display report data in a multitude of ways.


  • Branded reports using company colours and logos

  • In-depth yet easy to interpret results

  • Data matrices offering unprecedented detail

  • Highlight the strengths and attention areas in your business

  • Comparative data to help gauge performance over time

  • Bespoke graphs analysing your values and behaviours

Powerful Online Tools

We utilise scoring methods ranging from ranking, multiple choice, range scoring and written comments.


  • We can create bespoke online tools to fit your needs

  • Intuitive scoring methods for the results you need

  • Combine scoring systems with written comments for powerful results

  • Homepage designs using your company logo and branding

  • Add video introductions and mission statements for a comprehensive experience

Dashboard Access

Want to keep track of your progress? We can provide designated users with access to our HR Dashboard- an advanced and highly intuitive system delivering powerful results… in real-time!

  • Our HR Dashboard offers complete transparency for designated users

  • We offer real-time results using innovative designs

  • Track the progress of your cohorts at the click of a button!

  • Download and print recent or historical reports

  • Need something more? Let us know what we can develop for you!

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