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Ways of Seeing

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Originally under the wider company name 'Organisation Resource', ORMultiView, ORConsulting and ORTalent are now independent companies. We have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with our previous sister companies, as we feel that there is a continuity of service and collaboration that is inherent within people who have worked together for a long time.

ORMultiView frequently partners with ORConsulting: a psychology practice for business. We’ve been providing facilitated 360 degree feedback for our clients for many years, and over that time we’ve built up world-leading expertise in implementing feedback within a business.

As clinical psychologists with a deep understanding of human behaviour, we view 360 degree feedback as a powerful element in the development of people and organisations. Done well and responsibly, in a way that engages and stimulates, it provides an individual with a high definition picture of their behaviour and their impact on those around them. Like any high definition image, it also shows up the occasional pimple too. And that’s the point, to provide a fully rounded profile that gets people thinking.

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