We are an expert provider of bespoke business developmental tools, specialising in multi-rater 360 degree feedback, data analysis, and various online platforms. We have partnered with many global leaders in a range of sectors, delivering unique and powerful results, prompting positive cultural change.

"The ORMultiView 360 degree feedback process went to the very heart of our development needs and yielded great results."

- Board Member, Telecomms


ORMultiView has been providing 360 degree feedback for our clients for over twenty years. Over that time we've built up world-leading expertise in implementing feedback within an organisation.

"The ORMultiView 360 degree feedback tool provided us with a wonderful platform to move our leadership forward."

- Middle Manager, Education


What is 360 degree feedback and how can it benefit my business?

Let us take you through the entire process, step by step.

"I am looking forward to continuing our partnership with ORMultiView which has been so productive."

- Programme Manager, US Consultant Partners


We tailor the majority of our 360 degree feedback tools to suit our client's individual needs.

Take a look here to view and download some examples of our 'off-the-shelf' products.

If your need is for a bespoke instrument then just give us a call.

"I wanted to tell you how valuable I found today... I found some aspects of today’s 360 degree feedback refreshing while others challenged my thinking into new areas. This has been extremely worthwhile."

- Head of Department, Local Authority


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"We have received some very good feedback on the tool and how much of an improvement this is for us - so thanks for this. Thanks again for all your support in getting this out there, it has been a pleasure working with you."

- HR Manager, Aerospace Industry

"I just returned from a week in Geneva with the Cohort II people.    It was a fabulous week with a truly extraordinary group of people.  Without exception, the group was open to learning, to taking risks and to helping others and consequently, they  were quite moved and benefitted enormously.   It was an excellent end to the program.    I just wanted to share with you as your role in the success of this program is significant and I just wanted to say thanks!!"

- Lead consultant USA

"I just wanted to say that it was probably the best on-line questionnaire I have used."

- Manager with the United Nations

CIF Certified

 “We are very reassured that our Cloud Solution comes from suppliers who have demonstrated their commitment to quality and service by going through the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice.  Both SoVision and Outsourcery have been CIF CoP certified for several years”

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